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CorrelatePro analyzes the overall performance of your portfolio with historical and realtime data, giving you valuable insight on your investments.

Visualize correlations between stocks at a glance, or simulate potential portfolio arrangements to invest with confidence.

Stock portfolio visualization tool in action

How it works

How it works

About Us

Our tool was born out of a frustration with today's financial apps. Every app tries to convey critical risk information through an overwhelming flood of numbers and complex charts. Investing in a company is a very human decision. When you invest, you are expressing an opinion about the company. Treating a portfolio as just a collection of numbers and charts often misses the bigger picture. In CorrelatePro, we capture that picture and make your investments more relatable. This empowers you to make better decisions about your portfolio.

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Stock Correlations

Averaging the past performance of stocks, our visualizer displays commonalities between stock trends in realtime. Even at a glance, the bubble clusters can imply economic dependencies, even across different sectors. Shorter distances indicate similar historical performance, overlaps in both gains and losses, offering you a more informed decision on your investments. CorrelatePro gives you the power to diversify your portfolio and invest with confidence.

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Speculative Analysis

As a speculative trading tool, CorrelatePro gives you more than a clear visual analysis of your existing stocks and their daily market performance. Save different portfolios to better-understand your investments and see how your stocks might perform as a whole. CorrelatePro can make diversifying your portfolio a cinch, and lend incredible insight in generating stock arrangements that are more statistically dependable.

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One Stop App for Investors

The CorrelatePro visualizer is your one-stop stock analysis toolbox. Our data is displayed in realtime, giving you the latest in market close, total trading volume, and side-by-side performance. We're constantly updating and working to give our customers the ultimate advantage for smart, informed trading.

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Sentiment Analysis

See what stocks and investments others are talking about on social media or adding to their CorrelatePro portfolios.

Financial News

Browse breaking stories in major trades, potential investments, corporate mergers, and more.

National and Crypto-currencies

Use the same CorrelatePro visualizer, but instead comparing the values and trends of national and crypto-currencies.

Sector Analysis

Visualize your investments in relation to their given sector, and see overall performance of stocks across sectors.

New Visualizations

A new suite of visualizations for displaying market data: heat maps, bar graphs, stacked area charts, and more.

Administrative Toolbox

Save and manage multiple portfolios for evaluating potential investments using CorrelatePro's host of visualization tools.

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