How to read the visualizer

What is the visualizer?

Our stock portfolio visualization tool shows you how diverse your stock portfolio is. This is done by calculating the correlation coefficients between the stocks in your portfolio to one another.

Why is this important? By looking at the correlation coefficients you can see if any two stocks past price was closely related or not. In short, this helps better diversify your portfolio allocations.

How can you read the visualizer?

First lets understand what the portfolio is made up of. To read the visualizer you need to pay attention to two separate shapes. Nodes and edges, or lines.

Each portfolio has a collection of nodes that represent your assets. These nodes can represent many different types of assets. Right now, CorrelatePro portfolios can be created using stocks, crypto currencies, ETFs, bonds, and market sectors.

You then have one central node, and all the other nodes collected to one central node. The center node represents the stock you currently are trying to examine.

The distance of the lines connecting the other outer stocks to the center stock are a representation of how closely related the two nodes or stocks are. Basically, the shorter the lines are, the closer the assets are to one another.

Dedicated news pages for each asset

You can see a dedicated news page for each stock or asset in a portfolio. Simply look at the sidebar to see the news feed. Scroll down a little bit and you will find a read more button. Click that and you will be on the assets dedicated news page.

How do I know what asset I'm currently looking at?

To see how diverse each asset is you need to click on each node. Each node will have different correlation coefficients for each asset. To see the correlation coefficients between each node you can click on the center node.

Clicking on the center node will allow you to toggle viewing the correlation coefficients on or off. To view another asset in your portfolio’s diversification simply click it.

You can measure how risky your stock portfolio is

To see how risk your stock portfolio is simply view your portfolios risk rating. On desktop, it can be found in the top left hand corner. In mobile, you have to scroll past your portfolio visualization.

You can examine individual assets more closely

Whatever stock you have clicked on in your portfolio will become the focal asset. You can then see the stock’s price and how much it is either up or down since yesterday.

You can also see a candlestick graph of the currently selected stock and look at historical price data.

You can also see a news feed for the stock you have selected. Sentiment analysis gives you a score of how positive people feel about that asset.

How can you create a portfolio?

To create a CorrelatePro portfolio simply create a free account and start adding assets to it. It's that simple. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at or phone 815-355-6222.

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